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Image hosting

It’s so free and so easy to upload files to this site that I feel…suspiciou about it. But well, it’s working. So, I might as well. Try it. Image Shack.


A friend of mine launched her blog today. And published a very interesting comparison between blogs and sharks. Blogs, like sharks, will die if they stop moving aroung.

So, let’s keep blogging..

Brazil: YouTube hits the dance floor

Jeremias, the singing drunkIn november 2005, a drunk motorcycle pilot was arrested in Caruaru, northern Brazil. His name, Jeremias José do Nascimento. The reporter Givanildo Silveira interviewed him at the police station. Completely out of his mind, Jeremias cursed, sang, laughed, made stupid threats. The crazy interview was uploaded to YouTube. The audio was then remixed, a beat was added and a voilà,a funny funk song was created. In a short time it became a hit all over the Internet.Today, one of the most famous columns in one of the biggest newspapers in São Paulo,(Folha de SP),  mentions that ‘Jeremias’s funk’ hit the dance floor in modern night clubs in Brazil.

The aftermath – Jeremias was interviewed weeks later, drunk again but this time, out of jail. And unbelievable as it may sound, he urinated during the interview, against a wall, live, on air. I mean ‘during’ the conversation. A ‘must see’. In portuguese.

Bad News

When I hosted a daily live morning news show in Brazil, I always wondered if all the international disasters really moved the audience in front of their tv sets. Everyone knows that part of all journalism lives on other peoples’ death and bad news. A russian plane crashing in Ucrania is front page news even though the majority of readers probably can’t even spot where Ucrania is on a world map.

Bad news sell, it is said. But journalists should use this fact not just to amplify human misery and explore the impact of feeling for marketing purposes but to add something positive, even if it means just teaching a little geography.

All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us

The movie Snakes on a Plane is the talk of the web. Youtube, Technorati, you name it. It’s all over the place. The movie, the trailler, the funny versions.
It feels as if the population of the net is a huge classroom of eager students waiting for the teacher to give them a theme about which to write a composition or create an essay.

So the new theme is Snakes on a Plane. And off we go producing videos, animations, texts, posts about it. So that we can be part of it. So that we can get the teacher’s attention and grades. So that we feel we are ‘in’.

Funny thing is, they say, the movie is horrible.
Haven’t seen it. But I certainly will.

Have you?

Eternal Youth

Guess who found the Fountain of Youth? David Copperfield. The funniest part is he says he discovered it ‘has a price’. All women who buy expensive cosmetics already knew it!

Long live Bressane!

I just loved Bressane’s comment. And, of course, the suggestions. The link. Windows Live Writer.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf I were to choose my favorite adjective, it would be ‘modern’. Not that I like using the word, it’s not ‘favorite’ in that sense. Modern is the quality I’d like people to associate to me. I’ve always wanted to be modern. (Or perhaps, avant-garde, which is a modern way of being modern…) And, of course, in my quest for modernity I elected the site Salon as a ‘must’ among my daily websites.

Fortunately, I just found out that one of my favorite writers in Brazil, the american ‘brazilianist’ Matthew Shirts, reads Salon too. The text I have just read is about an ex-obese girl who when by one of those bypass surgeries. ( BTW, this kind of surgery has increased in 600%). And the first thing I thought was… if obesity is a modern disease maybe it would be best if I started developing a passion for old fashion.

No kidding, if I found an Alladin-like magic lamp my three wishes would be to lose weight, to lose weight and to lose weight.

Correction, please

Now that I’ve got material evidence proving that I’m not the only one who reads this blog, I feel comfortable to ask a question: is there an easy way to have my posts corrected before publishing them? I could write them in a word doc, but I wouldn’t like to. I had a stupid idea of writing the post as if it were a gmail email, which corrects the texts before you send them. But they all seemed weird solutions. Can word press do that?

Up, up and away

The good thing about starting a brand new blog from the very beginning is the fact that it can only grow up. This blog, for instance, has very few posts, almost no visitors, just a couple of comments, three results in google, two links in Technorati. It’s almos nothing. But considering it started from zero, it’s already better than nothing.

Link, please

Image Hosted by

If there’s anything at all that you may have liked in this blog, well, please link to it!


Image Hosted by

This would be the last post of a dead blogger  .. a post.. mortem!
I used the Tombstone generator, found at the great Generator Blog


What exactly is the matter between Al-Qaeda and London? Do they hate the queen, the Beatles or what?

Had I known

I didn’t know that you can’t upload pictures in specific or files in general at WordPress. I thought it was like blogspot. Had I known it before I wouldn’t have started a blog here. Really. It’s great and all but.. no pics?

Not working

Couple kissing in Republik Square, Belgrade

I can’t believe it. It was probably my own fault. Fact is, the webcam I intended to use as a tool for connecting people is not working anymore. I guess I shouldn’t have posted the link on my busy blog. Too many people must have accessed the cam, the consumption of bandwidth must have been increased in a thousand per cent and the serbian server interrupted the streaming.

Well, guess I gotta find myself a new online toy.


I need a favor. But it will be kind of hard to get any help. First, the person must live in Belgrade, second she would have to go to a square called Trg Republike, Republic Square, and hold a sign for a webcam.
The thing is, I have been watching this great webcam everyday. The live streaming is really good and you can control the camera to zoom things in. You can watch people on the bus stop, women looking at shopping windows,couples kissing. So I thought I could use this powerful cam to meet someone in Belgrade, someone I could find through the web to go to the square at a certain time and date (considering the local time there and here where I am) and hold a sign to the camera saying ‘Hi’ or something like that.

It would be a nice thing, to use live web cams all over the world to connect people. That’s what the net is for, isn’t it? I don’t want to live a virtual world or become an avatar. I really think the Internet is a tool for communication,  learning, self improvement, fun, among other things.

So far I have searched for people in Belgrade through Skype and contacted some of them. One guy said he could do it when he comes back from a trip do Montenegro.

I really hope so. I have even tried a site called Favorville.

Me, the blogger

I’m a pathological blogger. I blog everyday, all day, non stop. I send pictures through my mobile, post by SMS, at work, at home, wherever, whenever, whatever.
But I’m brazilian and my blog‘s in Portuguese, which makes my blogosphere very restrict. So I decided to blog in English, in spite of all the language mistakes I’ll make.
So what? Practice makes the master.
Have a nice day.

Hello world!

You can never forget your first post. But it helps to have a Google Calendar.

By the way: have you ever tried searching in public Google Calendars? You’ll find amazing stuff. Type “Britney Spears”, or whatever celebrity you want and you’ll get calendars with upcoming shows, CD launching, birthdays and so on.

Great time killer.