Brazil: YouTube hits the dance floor

Jeremias, the singing drunkIn november 2005, a drunk motorcycle pilot was arrested in Caruaru, northern Brazil. His name, Jeremias José do Nascimento. The reporter Givanildo Silveira interviewed him at the police station. Completely out of his mind, Jeremias cursed, sang, laughed, made stupid threats. The crazy interview was uploaded to YouTube. The audio was then remixed, a beat was added and a voilà,a funny funk song was created. In a short time it became a hit all over the Internet.Today, one of the most famous columns in one of the biggest newspapers in São Paulo,(Folha de SP),  mentions that ‘Jeremias’s funk’ hit the dance floor in modern night clubs in Brazil.

The aftermath – Jeremias was interviewed weeks later, drunk again but this time, out of jail. And unbelievable as it may sound, he urinated during the interview, against a wall, live, on air. I mean ‘during’ the conversation. A ‘must see’. In portuguese.

2 thoughts on “Brazil: YouTube hits the dance floor

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