Monthly Archives: September 2006

No Panties

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Take a good look at today’s Technorati tag and site ranking.
Lindsay Lohan is in second place, probably because she was recently caught by a photographer wearing no panties.
The fake Lonely Girl from YouTube is in the ranking too. And YOuTube, of course.

So, as you see, the web is a giant paradise for voyeurism…

Link, please

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Is there anything on this blog that you like? Link it to yours!

Pimp that Snack

Giant Oreo from Flickr

One of the new hyped blogs in Brazil is called, that is, giant twix. It is exactly the same thing you’ll see in the famous Pimp That Snack, in portuguese and with only one snack.
The idea is funny and baking giant sweets can be a lot of fun.
The problem is, as you pimp the snack you also pimp the calories!

My favorite is this giant Oreo, from Flickr.

Weblog project

The project is on. Fine, really nice. Visit the link.
However, the explanations on the site, which should guide the web user to take part in the project, are very weird.