Monthly Archives: April 2007

Green Cause

Guava Tree
Ecology is the most intelligent concept you can get in the real world. The idea that everything is related, the concept of interference changing the environment, the need to preserve as a logical way of surviving, they are all enlightning and clear to anyone who gives it a little thought.

I’ve planted thousands of trees during my life but now a new ideal struck me, inspired by a friend I met throught Skype. Why not calculate the energy we consume every month and plant the equivalent amount in energy generating trees?

As I work for a very consuming media, Television, the need to plant is even bigger. She, Brigida, is helping me calculate the number of trees we have to plant every week to compensate all we consume to make a 2-hour tv show. So, at the end of every transmission, the crew and cast will plant the correspondent number of trees.

Neat idea for a better world, don’t you think?