Monthly Archives: December 2007

No time for learning

I’ve always loved the idea of learning constantly. Learning is something above the idea of school, courses and so on. That’s why I feel bad about not having enought time/energy to learn how to use wordpress properly. I keep reading everywhere how wonderful all the wordpress tools are but all I do is come here once in a while (or, perhaps, once in a lifetime…), open the form, write a simple text post and leave.

It’s like going to Disneyland just to eat popcorn and missing all the rides.

Is there a tutorial like ‘wordpress for dummies’? Or maybe… learn wordpress in 5 minutes?

Has anybody found out the proper way to download information directly to my brain like Neo did in Matrix? If you know how to do it, please leave a comment. I’ll drop by next year to read it! After all, next year is just a few days away..

Happy 2008.