Lucas Celebridade is a very modest elementary school teacher who lives in Luzilância, a small town in one of the poorest states in Brasil, Piauí. He first posted pictures of himself in Orkut, claiming to be in a
‘sensual session of pictures’. They became an do ‘clamor luzilandense’ immediate hit in Brazil. .

As we all laughed at him, Lucas kept on, chasing his only objective: to become a celebrity, to get a better life.  He did, in fact, become a webcelebrity in social media, both in Orkut and Twitter (@lucasfamapop) . He finally wemt to São Paulo to be honored with a web prize, YouPix. The road to fame was being slowly paved.

So let’s take a close look at him. In Google Maps you can find ‘Luzilandia, Piaui, Brazil’. That’s the town where he lives and teaches Portuguese in elementary school. Right in the middle of almost nowhere.

And this is the house where he lives with his family. “It may not look so, but this house is full of luxury and glam.’

Now you will see his house from the inside. There is only one bed, where the women and children sleep, so all he has left to use is a hammock. The text is in Portuguese, but images speak for themselves.

So this is it. Lucas Celebridade is an honest soul, struggling for dignity. And the way he sees it, dignity and the way out of misery can be easily attained through fame. So lets us all make him famous. Let us amplify his inner light to call people’s attention. Maybe someone on TV can help him buy a new home.

His name is among Twitter’s Trending Topics in São Paulo, Brazil and WorldWide.

If you want to take part in the campaign, just write on TWiter:

You will be helping someone who needs to have in the material world all the dignity he already has on his inside.

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